What Is The Churn Virus?

The biggest threat to your company’s success is customer churn. Unless you address the root cause, your churn problem will keep coming back. That's why churn is like a virus.

And customer churn makes it exponentially harder for your company to hit your revenue growth goals. In fact, churn can make the difference between a company that worth millions vs. billions

Do you know what The Churn Virus is costing your company?

Finally, there's an easy way to diagnose the financial impact of churn. It's all right here in the Churn Virus Calculator.

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The Churn Virus calculator is a game-changer! It shows you, in real time, the exact ways churn infects your company’s financials.

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With The Churn Virus Calculator you see the whole future-facing picture of how churn today infects your recurring-revenue-based company. 

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Your free subscription to The Churn Virus includes...

  • The Churn Virus Calculator, which lets you see the short-term and long-term impact of customer churn in real time

  • The Churn Virus White Paper, to walk you through the cost of churn to your business as well as the exact thinking behind the calculator

  • A peek inside CXology, the online customer experience training program that makes customer renewals a no-brainer

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